Hurricane Relief Application

Hurricane Relief Application

Hurricane Relief Application

We are so sorry that your home has flooded, we would like to help if we can!

Many people are at a loss and hurting; the following questions will help us prioritize our efforts to help those with the greatest need first.

If you have not yet filled a Claim with your Flood Insurance Company or applied through FEMA; please do so first before entering this form. Go to 

*We are unable to start helping with your home until FEMA is filled, doing so may harm your claim with your Insurance Company and FEMA.*



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Do you attend New Hope?*

Do you own or rent your home?*

What type of home do you live in?*

Do you have Flood Insurance?*

Have you filed a Claim through your Insurance Company?*

Have you received assisstance from FEMA?*

How can we assisst you?*

For immediate needs, please sign up for an appointment at the bottom of this form to visit our pantry at the Friendswood campus.

Please note: We are no longer sending teams out to demo homes.

Do you need childcare during the week?

Are you a Veteran?*

If you are in need of Non-Perishable Food, Cleaning Supplies, Personal Hygiene Products or Baby Items, please sign up for an Appointment for our Pantry.