Church Leaders Interested in Sending Teams

Church Leaders Interested in Sending Teams


Dear Church Leader-

Thank you for your interest in sending teams to help. The need has been great, but the response of our church family, teams from outside our beloved city, and neighbor helping neighbor, has been overwhelming and inspiring! However, we have reached a turning point and have suspended our volunteer operations of clearing/cleaning flooded homes. Many uncleared homes are now being condemned by insurance adjusters. Others have significant mold growth. We cannot send volunteer teams into these homes. A growing number of these homes will need to be gutted by professionals  in full body/face protection and HEPA respiratory masks and filters. 

We're now going to turn our attention to the rebuilding. If you have a team of volunteers who are skilled (to hang, tape/float, texture drywall, install baseboard, doors, and cabinetry) and you’d like to come and help us, please send an email to the address below and we’ll contact you as dates become available. 

Thanks for your thoughts, help and prayers for our great city!!


Pastor Tim